Software to use in Psychology: Expyriment

In this post I will continue my short review serie on software to use in Psychology. This series I mainly review experiment building application.Thus far I have reviewed e-primeopensesame, and inquisit.

I found a new application called Expyriment through a great post on how to use Python programming in Psychological research (see Python programming in Psychology).

This is the task programmed in the link above. That is, it is the end product of coding using Expyriment.

Flanker task created with the Python library Expyriment from Erik Marsja on Vimeo.

Anyway, Expyriment is not really an application in the sense that e-prime, opensesame, and inquisit are. That is, Expyriment is a Python library that makes programming experiment a bit easier/quicker. Expyriment is free and open-source and based on the excellent programming language Python (just as OpenSesame and Inquisit!). This means that if you learn Python you will have a “real” programming language in your stack. I mean, e-basic may only be used in e-prime but Python is a general-purpose language.

Expyriment have methods to create fixation cross’, text stimuli (e.g., instructions or word stimuli), recording responses from keyboards, and many more. It is really easy to use, given that you want to learn, or know, how to program. If you are a Python programmer it will be quite easy to use Expyriment, of course.

Being based on Python Expyriment is cross-plattform. This means that it can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux but also on Android. However, you need to program your experiment on a computer and then run it on Android. This is no problem, I guess, because programming stuff on small touchscreens may be quite annoying anyway.

So what do I think of Expyriment? Depending on your experience with coding Expyriment offers great flexibility. That is, being an API it lets you code however you want your experiments to be. This is of course awesome. However, if you have a no experience with programming it may be hard. I suggest that everyone learn how to program and Python is where to start! I give Expyriment 4/5 because its easy to use (if you know programming) and cross-plattform (also, I really like Python!).

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Just a Psych. Grad. Student with a computer science interest. I try to test and review software that can be used in Psychology research.

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